Jewels of Tacoma Group of 5

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This Group of 5 Jewel Tones was made in gritty Tacoma with Love.

This group of  includes:
1-$85, 1-$65, 1-$45 and 2-$35. $265 Discounted price is $250
Shipping is $20 for this group.

Sizes will vary as each Pumpkin has its own unique shape and design, especially with this unique mini patch!

Because every pumpkin is created by hand; each shape, color and stem will be unique. Each pumpkin will be signed.

Sizes: (are approximate) $25- (2"x2"), $35- (3”x3”), $45- (3.5”x3.5”), $65- (4”x4”), $85- (4.5”x4.5”)

Please note: due to designs, not all colors are available is all sizes.

Typically, each glass item is created for you after you place your order. Because of this it may take 1-2 weeks to receive your item. Shipped UPS ground.

We appreciate your patience with our hand created items. 

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