2021 Monkeyshines Cup- Year of the OX

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Year of the OX 2021

Candle Cup

This year’s candle cup for The Monkeyshines Project is a beautiful fresh sky blue, embossed with a golden Ox, sculpted by Mr. Monkey himself.

In 2003 Two glass artists were blowing glass and pondering how to spread joy and hope in Tacoma.  They decided to blow glass floats, embossed them with a Monkey stamp, gathered a group of friends and hid 200.  The Monkeyshines Project was born.  18 years and deep into the second Lunar New Year cycle, the project has expanded to hiding over 2000 balls and medallions throughout the city in a Guerilla Art gift.

This year, more than ever our artists need your help to sustain not only the project, but our livelihoods.  Tacoma Glassblowing Studio has stepped up to be the exclusive producer of our candle cups.  These are sold to fund the production of our glass gifts, and this year to also pay our artists a fair wage for their years of volunteer gifting to the city. Please note that these cups are not safe for open flames/candles. We suggest using battery operated candles instead.

Please consider purchasing our 2021 candle cup to support us.

*If you would like to pick-up versus shipping please call the shop to order 253-383-3499 or come into the gallery Tue-Sunday 9am-5pm. Our gallery is small so only 4 guests are allowed at a time, masks required. Please be patient as we only have a small amount currently but we will continue to make more weekly.

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